Calendario de Adviento 2020 de Vanja Utne

Un año más tenemos el Calendario de Adviento de Vanja Utne (Mermaid) con sus simpáticos personajes "cheese pirates".

Fuente: https://www.facebook.com/cheesepirate 

December 1st. "Papers please!"

December 2nd. Bovine intervention.

December 3rd. Cows are octopedes?

December 4th. I'm shore this is just a temporary setback.

December 5th. Oh crab!

December 6th. Are you sewer this is the right way?

December 7th. "Look at their feet!"

December 8th. The forbidden pool.

December 9th. Blanket roll surprise attack!

December 10th. Follow that frog!

December 11th. The algae pools.

December 12th. One for the price of one!

December 13th. Scoundrel Street.

December 14th. Haggler's Alley.

December 15th. La Grenouille Joyeuse.

December 16th. Familiar faces.

December 17th. Where did you go?

December 18th. The Queen's Guard.

December 19th. Queen Parmesan III of Mouseport presents a brave guardsman with the Order of the Golden Cheese.

December 20th. The Mysterious Masked Miscreant!

December 21st. The Thieves' Way.

December 22nd. Come with me if you want to leave.

December 23rd. The Vault of Cheese.

December 24th-25th. Haven't I seen you before somewhere?

December 26th. A sudden egress leads to convenient progress!

December 27th-28th. I think I hear the guards!


December 29th-30th. It'll be medals for us all in the morning!

December 31st. Who am I again?


¿Continuará mañana?

Happy New Year!

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